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"Using video CPD tools is only useful in the classroom when teachers feel secure, confident and empowered"

(Adapted from Neill, 2014)


The COVAID Project fulfills the need for an on-going, structured, observation regime,
encouraging relatively stress-free observation, reflection and feedback as components of
collaborative continuing professional development

All teachers want to improve their performance. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can take many forms. When focused on classroom performance through observation, it needs to be sensitively managed and is certainly enhanced when managed in teams 

Teacher with Pupils

High-quality CPD supports teachers to overcome the challenges that contribute to a low sense of wellbeing. Research from EPPI-Centre in 2003 shows that effective CPD in schools can lead to greater teacher confidence, greater enthusiasm, greater self-efficacy and a willingness to learn and innovate.

Ultimately, tweaking your CPD provision to give teachers the time, support and resources to overcome the challenges they face can help alleviate stress, enable career development and encourage job satisfaction.

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