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Ray Parker

English Language Teaching Consultant

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Ray has been involved in English Language Teaching since graduating in Hispanic Studies in the late 60’s. The bulk of his time is now devoted to teacher education and training teacher trainers. He has taught, trained and examined teachers in 34 countries and co-authored a well-known teachers’ textbook on the phonology and pronunciation of English and a course book published in Italy. In his career he has been teacher, Director of Studies, College Principal, Senior Lecturer, Director of Language Examinations, Inspector of English Language Schools and consultant. His focus now lies with teacher training and ELT project management with a particular interest in in-service professional development for non-native English speaking teachers and in the development of confidence about English Language systems in native speaker teachers. Recent years have seen him helping to manage and deliver major teacher training initiatives in Africa and Asia and Europe.


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David Coulson

Language and

Educational technology consultant


David has been involved in language teaching for over 25 years and has a BEd in Modern Languages and an MA in Media Assisted Language Teaching. He speaks 5 languages and is currently studying Mandarin Chinese. He has been a teacher, teacher trainer and a Director of Studies in both the UK and Portugal and has delivered a number of conference presentations on using technology in Language Teaching.

He is currently working on a number of projects including producing an online course for a number of UK universities and developing an online language school.

He also lectures in EAP at the University of Sussex UK.

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